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  • We always adhered to The steady development of our development since 1994.We move forward steadily to build the image of the star of Central Plains by our unremitting efforts.
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    Corporate Culture 

    Operation Philosophy: People Oriented, Development through Science and Technology, Enterprise Serving the Country

    Enterprise Objective: Progress with the Society, Seeking Common Development with the Employees, Sharing Success with Customers

    Enterprise Spirit: Practicality, Diligence, Transcending, Service

    Values: Harmony, Honesty, Hau Tak, Innovation

    Mission: Serving the Country with Excellent Products and Sincere Service

    Prospect: Thriving through Brand, Mutual Benefit, Setting up the Image of Zhongyuan Star Enterprise


    environmental protection and sustainable development

    Great changes is taking place in the environment in which human survive and develop with the development of the society and economy and the industrialization process. The pollution and risk of the energy has become important problems that threaten the surviving of human.
    Henan Hongda Group had proposed the implementation guidelines of establish the “strategy of sustainable development”, made and perfected the strategy of the sustainable development of the environment-protecting of Hongda Group gradually. The group stick to the way of sustainable development, attach great importance to the harmonious development of human and nature, pay attention to the protection of the environment, took the way of planting, developing the green food, exploiting new energy and so on, and has made contribution to the protection of the environment and sustainable development!

    develop the forestry resources, ensure the balance of poplar

    In order to achieve the balanced development of cutting and planting, Henan Hongda Group takes the way of “take turns to cut and plant”. The group built millions of poplar planting base in Nanyang Tanghe area, and the banks of Huanghe river. Now these poplars have all been ready for cutting. These trees not only make the environment better, but also prevent soil erosion, and ensure that the region's ecological balance. They also reserve wealth of forestry resources for the group.

    develop industry about the circulation of green food

    Henan Hongda Group has about 40km² planting base for green food, all of which use solar insect killers to kill the insect physically. The group make full use of the surrounding poplar forest to breed the Domestic Chickens in order to develop the forest economy. The corpse of the insect which are killed by the solar insect killers can be used to feed the chickens, and the feces of the chickens can be used as fertilizer. So the real green industry chain was formed. This has reduced the environmental pollution which was caused by the corpse of the insect, and make waste profitable, and made good economic benefits at the same time.

    focus on the development of the new energy

    In a serious shortage of energy in the society nowadays, in order to ease the tension in Chinese energy pressure, Hongda Group commitment to development and research of the new energy. The group has built large-scale photovoltaic power station in the country to converse light energy into electrical energy, and make it serve our production and life, which has mitigated and supplied the problem of energy shortage in China, and committee to a path of sustainable development.