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    Current Location:HOME > Industry sectors > photovoltaic plant

    Photovoltaic is a method of converting solar energy into direct current electricity using semiconducting materials that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. They are simple to install and maintain in actual use.

    How Photovoltaic Panels Work

      Xinxiang Providence Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant When light strikes the PV panel, some of the photons are absorbed by the silicon layers. The photons cause electrons to be released from the silicon crystal, and those electrons "wander around" looking for somewhere to attach themselves. Some of the electrons are freed from the bottom layer, and they find their way through the junction into the top (electron rich) layer. Some of the electrons are freed from the top layer, and since they cannot travel to the bottom (electron poor) layer, and are being "crowded" by new electrons from the bottom layer, they are left free to be collected by electrical contacts on the surface of the top layer. Those collected electrons are routed through an external circuit, providing power to the electrical system attached to the panels. The circuit is completed when the electrons return to the bottom layer of the PV panel, find "resting spots" in the electron poor bottom layer, and wait for the next photon to shake them loose.



    Advantages of Tianyi solar photovoltaic power supply system

    1、Solar power is safe and reliable enough and it will never run out, so it can against those outside shocks like energy crisis and fuel market fluctuation.
    2、Solar energy is available everywhere so that the loss in long-distance transmission can be avoided.
    3、Photovoltaic power uses no fuel and has low operation cost.
    4、 Solar power units have no moving parts and it is not easy to damage, especially suitable for unattended operation.
    5、Photovoltaic power produces no emissions and does no harm to environment. It is the ideal clean energy in the new century.
    6、Solar power generating system has advantages of low energy consumption and short construction period. The capacity of solar matrix is adjustable to meet the changeable load.

    • Project name:Golden Sun demonstration project (2MWP solar energy used in architecture)
      Project Address:Yuanyang County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province; plain area of Xinxiang City; south of the Hongda Group’s factory
      Construction area:24000 square meters
      System composition:
       the total installed capacity of this project has reached 2.0868MWP and 8888 photovoltaic component have been installed. System uses the partition electricity generation, centralized grid mode. Polysilicon solar cell components are distributed in the top of 12 workshops. The engendered AC power connected with a low-voltage distribution system in compound so that the whole factory could have an uninterrupted power supply. The running status of photovoltaic system can be watched by the advanced monitoring and display system every minute to ensure a safe, stable and efficient operation of the photovoltaic system.