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  • We always adhered to The steady development of our development since 1994.We move forward steadily to build the image of the star of Central Plains by our unremitting efforts.
    河南彩38集团【官网】 Henan Hongda Wood Group(Henan Hongda Group for short) is in Pingyuan representative area of Xinxiang city. It has north and south area ,which covers an area of more than 333500 ㎡, and with more than 1200 employers. Including Henan Hongda Wood Company, Xinxiang Tianyi New Energy Company, Henan Xingfuyuan Green ...
      Operation Philosophy: People Oriented, Development through Science and Technology, Enterprise Serving the Country
      Enterprise Objective: Progress with the Society, Seeking Common Development with the Employees, Sharing Success with Customers[MORE]

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    The Yellow River, all the way from snowy to the East, although one thousand fold and inalienable chi, calendar and dangers and eventually hold its line, inviting rivers, small streams not resist, endless day and night, and eventually became accommoda
    To build a harmonious society and build a harmonious labor relations as a venture of the Hongda Group, so that scientific and technological innovation to lead the future of business, the social responsibility as a glorious mission and obligation of t
    Henan Hongda Group as a national poverty alleviation leading enterprises, party groups and always strengthen grass-roots party building, give full play to the grass-roots party branch fighting force as an important part of the work of party building,。